Diemen, April 28, 2024

Members' meeting - Save the Date!!

Dear members,

Last week, as a board, we had a lot of discussions to find a nice (centrally located) location for our annual members' meeting.

 – Enough space to put the Coupé's together in a brotherly way. It's so easy to view them and capture them on camera.
 – A space where we can isolate ourselves as a group for the meeting.
 – Coffee, pastries and a good lunch.
 – Opportunity to do something fun together after lunch.


Date – Saturday 8 June 2024
Location – Restaurant het Vuursche bos
Walk-in – From 10:30 am (board is present 1 hour earlier)
Meeting – 11:00 am
Lunch – 12:30 pm

From + 13:30 – 14:00 we have planned a fun group activity. What we are going to do is still a surprise :-)

Let us know whether or not you will be present and whether you will bring any guests (non-members).
You can respond by sending a reply to financieel (at)

We hope that it will be a fun day again this year!

Ingrid Stroosnijder, Chair
Petra Blankwaard, Treasurer
Jan Schilstra, Secretary
Richard van Cleef, Technical Support Point

Diemen, February 18, 2024

Oldtimerdag Tzummarum.

Hello everyone,

The video is from the oldtimer day in Tzummarum with my vehicles is here.
I have been going there for the last few years and last year a small recording was made, I was just walking around the block, that so my friend Jan Huisman is speaking.


Jan Schilstra

Diemen, December 28, 2023

Suzuki Meeting 2024.

Hello everyone,

In collaboration with Suzuki Klassiekers, the board of the ELJEEHOLLAND foundation hereby invites you to the 42nd SUZUKI Meeting in Friesland from May 30 to June 2, 2024.

We have chosen the same location as in 2022, a beautiful site on a campsite in the center of Friesland, "De Kleine Wielen", near Leeuwarden. So you can also spend the night here in a hiker's hut, chalet if you are already planning to come on Saturday. (See the information on Or bring your own camping equipment. Indicate what you want when registering, then we will reserve a place to sleep at your own expense.

This time we have a very nice program:

Thursday may 30, 2024: Arrive at any time and the canteen of the campsite is open, in the evening campfire with a drink.
Friday may 31, 2024: Joint breakfast and prepare your packed lunch for the big tour of approx. 150 km, back at the campsite approx. 16.00 and dinner is at your own expense, for example have the Wok or Chinese delivered for the group and then evening campfire with a drink.
Saturday June 01, 2024Joint breakfast and a workshop about Suzuki is given by Tonny van der Zande from Nimag.
13.00 tot 17.00Vehicle Inspection * (8 prizes, one for the "worst car of the weekend") and one for the furthest distance driven with a Suzuki to the meeting.
(* In case of bad weather, the vehicle inspection is in a covered tent.)
18.00BBQ with campfire etc..
Sunday 02 June 2024:Joint breakfast and 10:30 to 12:30 and with all cars a short tour through the Frisian forest area.
13.00 – 14.30Hamburger lunch with BBQ and award ceremony.
14.30 – 15.00End of the weekend.
You can register until May 1, 2024.

Included for € 25.00 are: coffee, soft drinks / beer, barbecue, day recreation entrance, rally shield).

The higher prices are due to museum visit, breakfast and day recreation costs.

Option A:  Thursday to Sunday € 73.00

Option B:  Friday to Sunday € 58.50

Option C:  Saturday to Sunday € 37.00

Option D:  Day visitor Saturday or Sunday € 27,50

Registration is via the contact form on the website of ELJEEHOLLAND.

On behalf of the board,

ELJEEHOLLAND & Suzuki Klassiekers

Diemen, 09 August 2023

Suzuki Klassiekers.

Hello all,

After a successful weekend in Koewacht, we have planned 2 more events in 2023 for the fall.

30 September:
Go Japan at Louwman's Toyota World in Raamsdonksveer.

View all information on the website of GO JAPAN here.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

7 October:
Tinker day in Neede.

The day starts at 10:00 am with coffee/tea.
Then we get to work in the workshop.
At noon there will be soup with sandwiches again, after which we will get back to work.
We will continue until all the jobs are done.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On behalf of the Board,

Diemen, 11 juni 2023

Suzuki ALV Meeting.

Dear members,

A small impression of the ALV at De Suikerhoeve can be viewed here.

Greetings, also on behalf of Marco and Seff.


Diemen, April 11, 2023

Suzuki Meeting News.

Dear members, keep the day free:
next SATURDAY June 10th.

General Members Meeting: always a very pleasant get-together.

This time with a fantastic tour.

Details will follow soon but then you know for sure.

Greetings, Jan, Petra, Richard and Ingrid
Board Suzuki Coupé GX Fanclub.

Diemen, 28 February 2023

Suzuki Club outing on April 1st.

Dear members, this is also part of it.

Never happened to me before, but due to really too few responses, from only 4 members, we are not going to rent half the pancake house in Lage Vuursche.

So I hereby let you know that the outing of the SCGXF will NOT CONTINUE on April 1!

We are now going to look at something else and in any case the members meeting which fortunately is (always) well attended, we will keep you informed.

Greetings, Jan, Petra, Richard and Ingrid

Board Suzuki Coupe GX Fan Club.

Diemen, December 09, 2022

News about the Coupéés!

Dear members,

Long time no see! It's been a while since we met in Mill, where I mainly succumbed to the piglets when the other members were busy with seals and sinchrome rings(?). It was very nice to meet you again. Jan Schilstra had done his best to conjure up a beautiful key ring from the top hat for all members. An impressively beautiful gift. If you haven't been to the members' meeting, don't forget to contact us at the next meeting and you will still get it. See next to this!

We also brainstormed about the next “outing” and when we will meet again. Put it on the agenda! The weekend of May 20-21 we will hold our members' meeting, with or without an overnight stay for those who want to. I'm going to contact Marco & Francis, Sef and Dennis (they don't know that yet, but I'm going to do it (wink)), to come up with something in their region. Petra's proposal in Leiden turns out to be unfeasible because of the inability to display the Coupéés. (no parking possibility). I'll keep you up to date.

Second Thing: We also want a nice "outing" but that is still subject to reservation. April 1, 2023 seemed like a great date for that, and Petra and Ingrid are going to look into it.

We also talked about collecting the contribution: You will receive this week (sorry..... we're late again) but we promise to make it right. For example, just before the members' meeting, then that is immediately a nice reminder.

I think I updated you again. It remains for me to wish you a wonderful December. Stay healthy, be careful with your Coupé, and finally, happy holidays and a prosperous 2023.

Kind regards, also on behalf of Jan, Richard and Petra,

Ingrid Stroosnijder

President Suzuki Coupé GX Fan Club

And if there was anything.....
Problems, questions, suggestions, help with organization, rides, tips for locations, ideas.....
Know where to find us!

Bye Bye!

Diemen, May 04, 2022

EMWalhalla - Trip for the outcasts.

Dear members,

It's a bit short notice but we didn't want to keep this from you. Partly due to Sef Pesser, who reported it and will probably also go there. Which of our members will accompany him?

Greetings, also on behalf of Richard and Petra and Jan,

Ingrid Stroosnijder.


Diemen, February 13, 2022

Newsletter & members meeting

Dear members,

How we missed each other!! No meetings for two years, no outings, no rides. I even received a few reactions on the site whether we are still doing anything at all... And if we still exist... What do you think?!!

But..... We are all ready to meet again and look at each other's cars. Now the great news: Most “old” members know that I started this club in June 1990 because I thought I had the nicest, most beautiful Coupé in the Netherlands! I wanted to take up the challenge and called on everyone to come to my school in Amsterdam with a Suzuki Coupe GX and thus initiate the official opening meeting. There were as many as one hundred and eleven! Coupé's approached and the club was a fact. On to the Chamber of Commerce and we are a real association! So at that time I had my Tennessee Blue Coupe called “Ork”. But now Ork is back in the Netherlands after years of standing in storage and wandering through Germany. I hope to be able to show you Ork again soon, he is in safe hands with Mister Gorissen from Sittard.

We also welcome Hilde Bruinenberg, Albert Antema, Richard Verkerk, Garage Spangers, Sytze de Vries, Marcel Romijn, Tini Kivits, Marc de Vree, Dennis Beerens, Nellie & Tonnie Neelen, Jan Essers, Jasper Bunnik, Bert-Jan van den Broek and Harry Gorissen. These all joined at the time of the Covid misery.

Then now: What are we going to do then?

Just make a note:

On Saturday, February 13, 2022
We will have our annual “party” the members meeting this year in Logement de Valkhoeve in Mill
(of all places..)
Valkweg 11
5451PX Mill

Arrival from 10:00 AM. You will be welcomed with a mug (= two cups!) of coffee or tea with your choice of apple pie or a slice of cake. (If you look at me very sweetly, I can also add a dollop of whipped cream..). We then go to the rented visitor's room where we meet and chat until 12:00. A delicious lunch is served afterwards. Thanks to Richard for this tip so that we managed to get a beautiful spot again.

Because there is always the opportunity to spend the night before or after, that is also possible this year. It's not a big hotel so be aware, first come, first served. Check the site for further details but I have taken everything in the reservation for us. (Obviously at your own expense) There are 2 double rooms, 1 apartment for 4 people and a family room for 4 people, but this can also be used as a double room. There is no obligation to spend the night here, you can of course also look for something yourself, or drive back home. (FYI: John and I will stay overnight).

What we will do AFTER the meeting is still a bit of a question... I suspect that Richard knows a nice route in his home port ... But otherwise there really is plenty to do in the area. There is even a zoo I saw ... And for the people who stay, we can also eat out in the evening in the area, we'll see...

Just to be clear: The above outing/meeting/lunch is ONLY for (family) MEMBERS of the Suzuki Coupe GX Fanclub. Any children and/or guests brought along cannot attend the meeting, but if you register in advance, you can enjoy a nice lunch and a cup of coffee at the cost of 20 euros. Preferably to be paid in advance.

It remains for me to meet you again in large numbers, it will always remain very special for me, this year 32 years ago (!) that I started this strange club together with Janny Coens. And in June 1990 I walked to the Chamber of Commerce...

Please email me if you are coming or not? (and by how much)?
And as far as making use for the overnight stay at the Valkhoeve itself is concerned, please inform us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, it is only a small hotel!

It remains for me to thank you for the unwavering trust, and hope to welcome you in Mill

Greetings, also on behalf of Richard and Petra and Jan,

Ingrid Stroosnijder.

Oh PS still... In the past, due to changes in the board, we always had the strangest moments to collect the contribution, sometimes in November when the year was almost over. We have now promised improvement. again at the beginning of the year. You can receive your bill for 2022 this week, and despite all the Covid inflations, we keep it tidy! The advantage is that I can give the members their pass at the members' meeting and that saves a lot of postage costs. Just this: If yes after October 1, 2021, you have already paid for 2022. If there are any questions or ambiguities, do not hesitate to contact us! The new, entire 4-person board will introduce itself to you.
See you Saturday the 21st!.

If you receive this e-mail and you are no longer a member of our club, would you like to let us know?
I would have liked to have asked the other way around, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way...

With best regards,

Diemen, 01 January 2021

The best wishes for 2021

Dear members,
it's time again for a little message from your chairman.

We too have closed the crazy year 2020 and I can't remember thinking “I'm so glad that this ..... year is over”. During this sad corona time I sent you a Christmas card, hopefully I could give a little more support.

The payments for the memberships are, except 5, in so that is another hammer piece. I admit, it is always “mustard after the meal” with us, we know ..... But there is no board member who is elderly behind the geraniums and before we realize it the year is over again ..... I hope, and will remind Petra, that we are a little earlier this year with the 2021 collection fee .....

As you know, my spouse has a hair salon and long live the reading folder, I came across this very nice article by Johan Schoenmaker. Such a nice piece about our grandmother, the Suzuki Fronte, I do not want to take that away from you. I got the number personally, I will send it to Ruud, who will scan it and then you can all enjoy it.

Be very careful, we are not there yet, and as soon as we get some air again I will find and book a cozy get-together again.

If you have a good, affordable tip with a meeting option and the possibility to stay overnight, I am recommended.

Greetings for now,

Ingrid Stroosnijder.

Your Chairman Suzuki Coupé GX Fan Club.

Diemen, December 31, 2020

Parts - Suzuki Coupé GX

Good day dear Members,

Here is a short piece of the technical service.
As of this week, all parts available through the club are on the site.
This way you have a good overview of everything that is still in stock.
They are at the bottom of the menu: Onderdelen - Parts - Teile
I will try to expand it as much as possible and keep it up to date together with the website administrator.

Various articles supplied by Jan Schilstra are also listed here: Mat set and hoses.

So if you are looking for articles within our club, feel free to take a look.


Richard v Cleef
Technical Service Suzuki Coupé GX Fan Club

Diemen, 19 september 2020

Suzuki Classics Ride October 4, 2020

Have you made it through the Corona crisis so far?

It's been a bit of a boring year in terms of vintage car events and rides. Most rides have been cancelled or are going in very slimmed-down form and are still going on at 1.5 metres away.

The postponed annual meeting of the Suzuki GX Coupé club will be held on 10 October. I offered to turn off a ride for the club because it's almost on my birthplace. With TOPO GPS I have completely Corona proof from the bank a ride, but of course it has to be re-run because you never know if a stray Tour de France stage will show up for you. Then I thought, maybe there's someone who wants to ride with you!

On Sunday, October 4th I want to ride the ride. I want to start at 11:00 in Stieltjeskanaal at the Stieltjeshoeve. This is near Coevorden. The length of the ride is almost 80 km. If you come to Stieltjeskanaal along Zwolle, you are welcome for a cup of coffee. From 10:00 we leave from Zwolle to Stieltjeskanaal. Obviously via a nice inner route.

For people who come from far it is possible to stay on the Stieltjeshoeve in a furnished tent (with heating).

If you'd like to ride along please let us know before October 1st, then I can reserve the Stieltjeshoeve.

This spring we had a technical day at Arjan and Leo. In fact, we wanted to organize another technical day this autumn. Unfortunately, arjan and Leo can't do that anymore. That is why I would like to know if there is still a need for a technical day this autumn. If there is interest, I will look for an alternative location, or maybe you will know a location for a technical day?

You can email me at jschoenmaker(at) You can also call me on +31 6 13875563.

See you on October 4th!

Team Suzuki Klassiekers

Johan Schoenmaker

Diemen, 02 september 2020

Suzuki Coupé GX Fanclub Members Meeting

I hope you've all been in good health through the summer.

We have had to call off the members' meeting, like almost all outings, organisations, fairs, holidays, you name it. A big sad thing.

To do 'nothing' anymore, I don't really like it. So, after visiting some locations, I decided to let the members' meeting 'just-100% corona proof'.

So if you want to meet again in person, you can !!

The meeting will be held on Saturday 10 October 2020. Start from 10 am. Start meeting 11:00 a.m.

In the town of Stieltjeskanaal (near Coevorden) Camping/Bistro Stieltjeskanaal. Check the website to see if it looks like you, ( This time not in the middle of the country, but now for our northern members once for no 100 plus kilometers drive.

Charmed by peace and space, the latter is important to us for corona. Spacious parking spaces! The area is a former golf course which has gone bankrupt and these people have started a livery stable, bistro and a camping site. Very nice. It doesn't have the looks of a campsite at all.

We keep the meeting in the bistro with a snack and then a delicious lunch, which you are used to from us.

Then, if you want, you can visit the town of Coevorden, very nice, we can think of another ride, we can do anything. You can stay in a safari tent (with heating), or you can bring your own tent, caravan or camper. Anything is possible, it is en that week after autumn holiday (for northern Netherlands)

For members, of course, this meeting costs nothing, for non-members/ introducees only pay lunch. (Some had already paid that remains natural! Don't want it anymore, let me know, I'll dump it back!)

An urgent request for my 'administration': Tell me if you're coming or not. Also whether you only come or want to stay the day.

If it turns out that you are still receiving this email and you are no longer a member at all, please let me know.

Hopefully enough information for now, love and greetings.

Ingrid Stroosnijder

President SCGXF.

Diemen, March 19, 2020

Member meeting 2020

This year's members meeting will NOT take place anytime soon.

We aim to hold this in the third weekend of september.

Dear people, be careful, take care of yourself.
In the hope that, after the summer, we will receive you in full glory, in large numbers and in good health.
Also on behalf of Petra and Richard.

Ingrid Stroosnijder

President SCGXF.

Diemen, January 26, 2020

Members meeting 2020

This year's members meeting will be held on April, 18, 2020.

Location:   Logement de Valkhoeve
Valkweg 11
5451PX Mill
Other information can be found in the newsletter of January 23, 2020.
Please let me know if you have NOT received the newsletter.

Ingrid Stroosnijder

President SCGXF.

Diemen, January 25, 2020

Suzuki LJ80 Meeting Hurdagarijp

In the weekend of 6 and 7 June, Pieter Visser will organize another LJ80 meeting with Eljee Holland. All types of classic Suzuki are welcome. The event will probably be organized this time at a campsite near Hurdegarijp / Leeuwarden and we can spend the night at the campsite. For those who do not want to play in the mud with their Suzuki, a nice tour will be set up.

For more details you can keep an eye on the site ( or send an email to Pieter (

It seems very nice to me to go there again with a group of Suzuki Classics, just like previous LJ80 hits and make it a nice camping weekend. Who is in?

El Jee Holland,


Diemen, January 25, 2020

Technical day Mastebroek

To kick off the driving season, Leo and Arjan will reopen their workshop for a technical day on Saturday March, 14. Please send an email to Leo ( to sign up and also mention what you want to do or want to have done so that we can make sure the tools and parts are ready.

The day starts at 10:00 am with coffee / tea. Then we get to work in the workshop. At noon there will be soup and sandwiches again, after which we will get back to work. This time there is no surprise party planned so we can continue until all the jobs are done.

We also want to organize another key day in October. Who would want to make his / her workplace available for this? All we need is a workshop and a coffee machine. You can contact Leo at or directly via the above email address.

Team Suzuki Klassiekers

Johan Schoenmaker

Diemen, June 04, 2019

Japan Classic Sunday in Gemert

I promised to forward the link of Japan Classic Sunday in Gemert on July 7, 2019, which would be nice if a number of Coupé members could show their pride there and see what beautiful things are on display.

In general, there are few to no Coupés, so if we can take care of that, we certainly have a look?

Below the link:


• 10:00 - Drive in

• 17:00 - End of Japan Classic Sunday

Admission to the event is free.

Tonny van der Zanden

Diemen, May 26, 2019

Member meeting 2019

Pictures were taken at the members meeting and incorporated into a video, which can now be seen in its entirety on this website.

Thanks to Marco Bergsma.

Click on this link and enjoy viewing.

Ingrid Stroosnijder

President SCGXF.

Diemen, April 22, 2019

Suzuki Technical day October 12 at Nimag in Vianen

On October 12th, Suzuki Klassiekers will organize a technical day at Nimag in Vianen.
During this day the winterizing of your classic Suzuki will be discussed.
If you want to participate in this technical day, you can send your registration to Leo.
If you need help with tinkering with your classic Suzuki, please contact Leo and Arjan in advance so that they can take parts or special tools for the job.

The program and the exact details of the day will follow, but reserve the date in your agenda.

Team Suzuki Klassiekers

Johan Schoenmaker

Diemen, April 13 2019

DVD Autoclubdag Oosterhout - May 18, 1991

Part of this DVD was shown at the members meeting, it can now be seen in its entirety on this website.

Click on this link and enjoy viewing.

Ingrid Stroosnijder

President SCGXF.

Diemen, April 3, 2019

Frisian Eleven Cities Tour, Leeuwarden, June 10, 2019

Hello everyone,

I had already written something about it in previous years and now this is the case again; The Frisian car and motorcycle elfstedentocht is coming again and the registration has already started. Since only a limited number of cars and trikes are allowed to participate, it is important to take action as soon as possible.

What is the Frisian eleven cities tour?
Every year, on Whit Monday, the Friesche Motorclub organizes the Elfstedentocht for motorcycles, trikes, cars and Solex riders. The Elfstedentocht is a tour of approximately 240 kilometers through the beautiful Frisian countryside. About 3000 motorcycles and about 100 cars and trikes ride in this spectacle. The tour is professionally plotted and it is always a very pleasant event. On the side in villages and cities people are watching and enjoying.
Last year I participated in the Coupé and the reactions were great !!

It would be nice if we would participate with a lot of Coupés this year, but if you do not have a Coupé but you do have a Cappacino or another oldtimer, register !!

You can register on the site of the 'Friesche Motor Club'.
Take the link "KLIK HIER to register directly" and follow the directions, also mention that you are at the Suzuki Coupé GX Fan Club, there is a chance that the club will be rewarded. It costs 15 euros to register, after the ride you will receive a nice reminder. Do you want to join ?? register as soon as possible because full = full.

See my Facebook post.


Jan Schilstra.

Diemen, March 15, 2019

Suzuki Live

From the official magazine of Suzuki, called Suzuki LIVE of June 2, 1998

Diemen, February 21, 2019

June 13-16 - 2nd Störy Revival encounter in Einbeck Germany

Just like last year, this year a Störy revival meeting will be organized in Einbeck on the grounds of the PS Speicher museum. It concerns a meeting of Dwarf Gauos all over the world. The museum's collection includes a Suzuki Fronte and a Suzuki Cappuccino. I want to try to drive with a group of Dutch people to Einbeck on Thursday, March 16 via a beautiful back road route. I will ask the organization if we can set up our tents again under the trees next to the half-timbered house. Those who prefer to stay in a B&B, there are options in Einbeck for this.

 The program looks like this:
Thursday June 13: 
12:00 - 18:00u.Registration open.
Friday, June 14: 
10:00 - 18:00u.Registration open.
10:00 - 18:00u.Individual tour of the museum (well worth it!).
10:00 - 22:00u.Food truck opened.
14:00 - 17:00u.Joint visit to the Dwergauto depot (here are also the classic Suzuki's).
Saturday June 15: 
09:00u.Registration open.
10:30u.Start tour to Landhotel am Rothenberg in Volpriehausen where we will have lunch.
14:00u.Return ride to Einbeck.
10:00 - 18:00u.The truck, bus and dwarf car depot are open for viewing.
Sunday June 16Joint ride back to the Netherlands.

So if you would like to go to this fun event, please register with me so that we can enjoy a nice route together. Keep in mind that the trip will be approximately 300 kilometers from Zwolle. Of course you can also drive there on your own, but also let us know in that case so that we know who is coming and can hold a tent if necessary.

You can register for the joint outward / return journey with us via You must register with the museum for the event itself.
This can be done via the link: Diana Solodun, one of the museum's volunteers, is arranging registrations this year.

Johan en Laura Schoenmaker

Diemen, February 21, 2019

April 28 - Biesbosch Ride

Bram and Ingrid Poot have set out a nice ride through the Biesbosch for Suzuki Classics. The ride will be approximately 90 kilometers and will lead us on beautiful roads around Dussen.

As it stands now, the start will be in Van der Valk in Dordrecht. From there we dive into the Biesbosch and the polders behind it via a ferry (€ 3.30 for car + 2 persons). Lunch is planned in Dussen and there is a stop in Heusden for which we want to make time for a walk, ... and there is an ice cream parlor in Heusden, promises to be open on Sundays ;-). The last part takes us over a dike along the Afgedamde Maas to the end point.

We want to ride the ride on April 28, the day after King's Day.

The ride is open to all classic Suzuki's. Please register with Bram and Ingrid at

Team Suzuki Klassiekers,
Leo en Arjan

Diemen, February 21, 2019

March 17 - Suzuki Technical Day in Mastenbroek

Dear Suzuki drivers,

On March 17, all classic Suzuki riders will be invited to Leo and Arjan for a technical day.
What they will cover on this day depends on you. So if you sign up, please indicate what you would like to know more about or tinker with and, if possible, bring the tedious object yourself.
You are welcome from 10:00 am and you are welcomed with coffee or tea.
At noon we provide a pleasant lunch with the cooperation of Leo and Arjan's chickens.
There is a bridge on the part so we can admire the cars we brought with us from all sides.
You can sign up via the mail from Leo:
Then add what you would like to treat or have treated and immediately indicate whether you need help with the necessary parts.

The idea is to also organize a technical / key day in the autumn. Who opens his / her workplace to this?

Until March 17: Give up quickly because it is already in 5 weeks.

Team Suzuki Klassiekers

Johan Schoenmaker

Diemen, 01 juli 2018

Suzuki Treffen bij NIMAG in Vianen, 12 augustus 2018

Beste Suzuki rijders,

Nog even een herinnering.

On August 12 we want to meet at NIMAG in Vianen and ride a Suzuki Classics ride. At the moment we have no less than 5 Suzuki Fronte's participating, 2 Cappuccinos and a Suzuki SC100GX. Unfortunately, this number is still too few to ask the people of NIMAG to come to work on Sundays. Therefore, another call! If you have the opportunity and would you like to come, please send an email to to register or directly to me via Reacties graag voor 15 juli!

If the number of participants remains limited, the event will not be canceled but moved to Mastenbroek. In that case Leo and Arjan invite us to come to their farm. We can possibly spend the night there / camp and BBQ there on Saturday evening.

If you have any questions, please send an email.

Team Suzuki Klassiekers

Johan Schoenmaker

Diemen, May 25, 2018

Aan alle leden:

If there are members who would like to receive the minutes of the last members meeting, please send an email to secretariaat (at) with your name and email address (for verification). This will then be sent as soon as possible.

Ingrid Stroosnijder

President SCGXF.

Diemen, April 25, 2018

Dear friends of .....,

Deeply saddened, we announce the death of our Edwin de Koning, at the age of 48.

Vice President, support and help for the Suzuki Coupé GX Fan Club from the very beginning.

Much too early and much too young.

Dear Ed, we already miss you.

We wish the immediate family / relatives / friends a lot of strength in this difficult time ........

Ingrid Stroosnijder

President SCGXF.

Diemen, April 2018


Hello all,

See the program of that competition here.
Owners of another Suzuki classic (Fronte - Cappuccino - Coupé) are also welcome at the LJ80 competition that takes place in Triemen (Friesland) on Sunday 27 May, so this is a good reason to visit owners of a Suzuki classic on Sunday 27 May. organize a joint trip to Triemen. The starting point is hotel-restaurant Van der Valk in Zwolle, Nieuwleusenerdijk 1, near the A28. There we meet for a cup of coffee or other consumption, after which we leave together via Alde Feanen and Bartlehiem to Triemen.

Time schedule of the trip:
   •   approx. 09:45 am: gather at Van der Valk in Zwolle / meet with coffee
   •   approx. 10:30 am: departure to Alde Feanen / about 100 km, so approx. 1 hour drive
   •   approx. 11:30 am: take a look around Alde Feanen / then leave for Bartlehiem
   •   approx. 0:30 pm: Bartlehiem / lunch and have a look around
   •   approx. 2 pm: departure to Triemen
   •   approx. 2:30 pm: Triemen / LJ80 competition + join the tour and other program

The times stated are approximate; there is still room for change, for example if we want to spend more time in Alde Feanen.

For the ride to Triemen, the costs (including drinks, lunch, entrance costs) are for your own calculation; The LJ80 program has a reduced participation fee of € 12.50 per car. This participation fee must be paid in advance upon registration. Account no. NL 75 RBRB 0919 1669 97 t.n.v. Pieter Visser, Eljee Holland o.v.v. LJ80 competition.

This amount includes:
   •   rally shield
   •   participation in a tour in the area
   •   BBQ for max. 2 persons (free food and drinks) + campfire

Registration for the ride to Triemen and participation in the LJ80 event must be done (preferably well in advance) by sending an email to: and also CC to:
Please state in the e-mail with which type of Suzuki classic car (s) will be participated and with how many people. At the same time, the participation fee of € 12.50 per car must be transferred.

The ride back home:
In principle, after the LJ80 program, everyone returns home at their own pace and at their own pace. If there is sufficient interest, we can agree to undertake part of the return journey together again. Staying overnight is also possible. You can camp on the lawn near the meeting. And there are some B&B options a short distance away. Please arrange it yourself.

Until May 27th!

Ernie Ledoux / Jan-Bert Strating

Diemen, maart 25, 2018

Suzuki Treffen at NIMAG in Vianen, August 12, 2018

Hallo allemaal,

On August 12, we want to celebrate that it is exactly 50 years ago that Stirling Moss and Mitsuo Itoh drove 2 Suzuki Fornte's from Milan to Naples.
We will therefore hold a meeting at Nimag in Vianen where all types of classic Suzuki are welcome, but where the Fronte will be in the spotlight.
On this day we try to get at least 5 Fronte's together, which is unique for a car of which there are only about 15 in the Netherlands.

The exact program has yet to be drawn up but will probably consist of a reception at NIMAG with coffee and tea, viewing the showroom and workshop, presentation about NIMAG and film of the 1968 ride.
After lunch there will be a tour of the area.
We would like to know how many people will participate in the ride because NIMAG employees have to come to the business especially on Sundays.
So register as soon as possible at

Registration is possible until Sunday 15 July at the latest.

Team Suzuki Klassiekers

Johan Schoenmaker

Diemen, March 25, 2018

Frisian Eleven Cities Tour, Leeuwarden

Hello all,

Last year I had already written something about it and now this is again the order; The friese car and motor elfstedentocht comes back and the registration has already started again. Since only a limited number of car ' s and trikes are allowed to participate, it is important to take action as quickly as possible.
What is the Frisian Eleven Cities tour?
Every year, on Whit Monday, the Friesche Motorclub organizes the Elfstedentocht for motorcycles, trikes, cars ' s and Solex riders. The Elfstedentocht is a tour of about 240 kilometers through the beautiful Frisian country.
In this spectacle about 3000 motorbikes and some 100 cars and trikes. The tour is professional and it is always a very pleasant event. Along side in villages and cities people are watching and enjoying.
Last year I participated with 2 Coupe ' s and the reactions were great !!
It would be nice if we would participate with a lot of Coupe ' s this year, but you do not have a Coupe but you do have a Cappacino or another oltimer !!
You can register on the site of the 'Friesche Motor Club'.
Go to the Elfstedentocht 2018 and follow the instructions, also mention that you are at the Suzuki sc 100 gx fan club. there is a chance that the club will be rewarded.
It costs 15 euro registration, after the ride you will receive a nice memory.
Do you want to join ?? Register as soon as possible because full = full.

See Facebook appeal from Jan Schilstra.


Ingrid Stroosnijder

President SCGXF.

Diemen, March 02, 2018

Members meeting and tourrit April 14, 2018, Wageningen

⇒ When?April 14, 2018
⇒ What time?commencement 10.00
⇒ Where?In Wageningen. Hartenseweg 60
⇒ What is it called?  Hotel - café - Nol restaurant in Bosch

What do we do?

Drinking coffee and then a meeting with the topic “how to proceed?” and: “who is going to do what?”
After the “Members Meeting” the association offers you a lunch, (12.00 hours). This lunch is, of course, only for the members.
Registration for this day is necessary i.v. pass on lunch number.
If you take someone who is not a member, you will be charged 20 euros per person.
The afternoon, so after 13.00, a ride in the neighborhood is driven, this is in the hands of Richard van Cleef.
If someone wants to help him with this ... please.
You can also go shopping in the town or visit the World (known from the capitulation in 1945 WWII). Also then the “ party ” not finished yet.
Back to the hotel, have a drink, and then we come to think where will we eat?
Do we do this here? (a la carte, a bit pricey ..) or we go to the town cozy ..
If you are not blind, you can decide to drive back home, but you can also say: I am here anyway and make it a nice weekend ..... (we do this ..) Overnight with breakfast 69 euro per room.
Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask them.

And please log in z.s.m., or if you can not or do not want to sign out? Then I know that you have not forgotten.

For now, until in Wageningen on 14 April.

Ingrid Stroosnijder
Edwin de Koning
Richard van Cleef
Astrid Wiersma

Suzuki Classics - Opening event 8 April 2018 in Nijmegen

Bram and Ingrid Poot have planned a beautiful ride for us in the middle of the country. The ride will be driven on April 8 and is a nice opening ride for the riding season. Participation for the ride is open to everyone who has registered on the website of Suzuki Classics and everyone with a classic Suzuki who still has to. The route starts in Nijmegen and takes us to the terminus in Baarn over a distance of about 100 km.

Participation is free but all consumptions on the way are for your own account.

Bram asks if you want to know before 1 April if you are taking part in the ride.
You can email Bram and Ingrid on cappuccino(at)

We gather at van der Valk in Nijmegen on Sunday 8 April at 11:00 am:

address: Van de Valk Nijmegen
Hertog Eduardplein 4
6663 AN Nijmegen

Lunch is planned at van der Valk in Veenendaal and our final destination is castle Groeneveld in Baarn.

We assume that everyone is interested in the new driving season and therefore hope for a big turnout with many different classic Suzuki's. So come with your Cappuccino, Coupé, Fronte, Alto, Carry and so on.

The articles were published in AutoWeek 9/2018

Download the article HERE.

Makkum, July 29, 2017

Best participants of the 1st Suzuki Mosquito Tour on 23 September,

The contribution is € 26, - per person for this you get coffee incl. Pastry, lunch incl. a soft drink, route book and a rally shield.
We have agreed that the participants will initially pay the contribution themselves so that we can also be sure that everyone is coming.
After your presence, the Suzuki club will refund the contribution, provided you are a member and have paid the contribution.

The contribution of € 26, - per person you can transfer to account number NL90KNAB0255860714 in the name of The Hartfield Group stating tour sept. 23 and your name or names.

We would like to receive the payment before September 14 so that we can confirm the locations definitively.

Reception is between 10:00 and 10:30 at La Place, Fonteinlaan 1 in Haarlem.
At 11:00 am the tour starts on the basis of a dot arrow route.
Around 12:30 we expect the first people at the lunch location for a delicious meal (no croquette or cheese sandwich).
Between 13:30 and 14:00 we will leave for the second part of the route, after which we expect to arrive at the starting point around 15:30 and 16:00.

Let us know if you are vegetarian or allergic so that we can take this into account.

The total distance is about 130 kilometers.

We are looking forward to it !!

Until September 23,

Jan Schilstra en Allard-Esther van Hardeveld

Diemen, June 1, 2017

Last month we had the opportunity to drive a few days with an SC100 for one of our so-called ‘old and new‘ stories. When creating the article and the accompanying video, I've had a lot on the website of your club; That's why I found that a name listing in the message is appropriate.

Frank Buma
ANWB Autoportal

Click here for the article.  

Diemen, 17 april 2016

Hi Ingrid and Suzuki GX fan club members,

In the newsletter is asked if there are members who wish to organise a ride. I would therefore like to highlight the rides we have planned this year for owners of a classic Suzuki.

In February this year, we started with our website This website is a register of classic Suzuki cars like the Suzuki Fronte, the Cappuccino, the SC-100GX and the Suzuki LJ80. For owners of a classic Suzuki car we have already several trips planned this year. The first ride is a ride on May 28, from Zwolle to Triemen which we will paid a visit to the LJ80 event that there will be held and in the the evening we are allowed to join with the BBQ.

On 4 september, we want as Suzuki Classics jointly participate on the Japan Classic Day at the oldtimer museum in Boxtel.

All members of the Suzuki GX Fanclub are cordially invited to come along to do with these rides. More information is available on the website in the section "evenementen algemeen".

With best regards,

Johan Schoenmaker

Diemen, 14 November 2015

Dear members, friends,

Saddened I give as President of the SCGXF by that last Wednesday has died after a courageous suffering our dear Aad Kortrijk. Mrs Kortrijk was already from its creation to a member of our Association and fulfilled the task in recent years as Treasurer.

With her just so enthusiastic husband's Dick, she was always faithful to all of our outings, tours and meetings. She was always proud of the fact that they are still one of the few was that her car itself as first owner had bought and therefore so all from 1981 with driving around here..

We will miss her sweet passionate presence seriously and wish her relatives all strength to bear this loss.

Goodby dear Aad, thank you so much for all your efforts with the club.

I'm going to miss you very much!

Ingrid Stroosnijder
President SCGXF.

Diemen, 22 July 2015

Dear members, friends,

The driving impression of the Suzuki SC 100 GX Coupé which appeared in car Review Classic Cars.

Thanks to AutoReview, Marco Bergsma en Christiaan Trip.

(Click on the picture to open the pdf)

Diemen, 08 July 2015

Oldtimerday Wassenaar 15 augustus 2015

This year, Das Garage in cooperation with the Orange Association Wassenaar on 15 August for the fourth time the Wassenaar Oldtimerdag. During this day you can drive your classic car with a treasure hunt in the region and there is an election of the most beautiful classic. The oldtimerdag is part of the Orange party week in Wassenaar.

The day takes place on the market grounds on the Berkheistraat in Wassenaar, where you from 12:00 hours. Starting from 12:30 p.m. start the treasure hunt where participants can participate free of charge. At 16:00 pm there is announced which car to most beautiful classic is elected by the public.

For more information: DasGarage.

To Saturday 15 August!

Diemen, 04 June 2015

Dear members, friends,

Today we celebrated our 25 year anniversary party of my brainchild the Suzuki Coupé GX Fan Club.

An impression of the brunch on the boat in Amsterdam.

111 cars ever on a meeting, now after 25 years still 5.. but it was fantastic!

Thanks to all the present members and guests.

Diemen, 21 June 2015

Dear members, friends,

The result of the photo shoot in Makkum, the article which appeared in Auto Bild Klassik about us Coupeetje.

Thanks to Rommy Schilstra, Till Schauen en fotograaf M. Gloger.

“When all the world dead believed the rear-engine, Suzuki brought a new rear engine car. Today, we can see the sense in it: the SC100 beat the Brricke to Smart”

Diemen, 20 May 2015


Dear members, friends,

“Just a quick” because I have the actually very busy and in school maarrrrrrr time flies, and no, I'm not forget it! We exist in June 25 years. Well.. "We"..? Of my old guard is still very little about it.. but 25 years 25 years so read as fast through and review or your "my ferocious plan" like.. Respond quickly and honestly say or what seems..

WHAT is my plan?
Because most of us know each other not as good (more) I want to organize something to get to know each other better, and in this way organize something that your contacts with associates. Because mine alone can't take it anymore. You must do it yourself, home things. I give only to.. I am ever started..
I want on Sunday, June 21st, invite you to come to Amsterdam (on time, say 09:00-9:30 am) and then ... There it is ... with each other to step on Board of a boat where I have reserved for you a rich breakfast. Then we float a few hours by the beautiful waters and canals of Amsterdam and then (after about 3 hours) you have the opportunity to admire each other's car and then again every one his way.

This I offer the members to my 25 year anniversary because we celebrate!

For this outing, I offer free of charge to members, you want to take someone it will unfortunately have to pay the applicable fees. But that you ask me but through the mail.
I need to know very quickly if there is enough enthusiasm, and if you have specified to me you should also really come in handy. The package has a “from” number of participants. For example, react but 6 people than you know that the “whole party” not can go through (I see me though).

So: say even or you come (or not) and whether you want to bring any guests/introducees. Then I go find a parking spot, the boat, and the breakfast.

It seems to me in any case very cozy.. (Should also because I figured out it myself..?!)

Let fast hear something from you (and do you know people of the very first hours of which you will find that that should not be missing, let me know!)

Greetings, Ingrid Stroosnijder
President Suzuki Coupé GX Fanclub.

Diemen, 12 April 2015

Dear members,

Photo shoot
I should like to thank all the people who have so enthusiastically responded and/or signed up for the photo shoot (there were many!). Those who have registered will be approached for further arrangements.

The registration is now closed.

Diemen, 8 April 2015

Dear members,

As a result of a previous call repetition.
Come on dear people, there should still be proud owners who wish to participate.

For a report in the magazine Classic Cars we are looking for 2 people who want to work here (more may also, of course, the more the better).

For the edition of July 2015 they want a report from 6 to 8 pages.
Would the one who wants to also do a little story and send a picture over the car.

It will be a combination of a more general, historical description of the SC 100 GX and a more personal story about your cars (or either) and what the SC 100 GX for you so special.

For the cars that they want to photograph, the preferred one in good condition and as original as possible copy. As the choice there is does a fresh or distinct color always good in the pictures.

Comments email us at Ingrid Stroosnijder (info (at)

React is possible until 31 May 2015 (because the deadline on 3 July).

Diemen, 7 april 2015

Dear members,

Attached the last call!
For those who do together as Suzuki Coupé GX fan club, want to serve to the JapFest no later than May 10, to us.

Like to send a message to info (at) with here in name and number of cars, this related to the passing of the number of places.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Even in 2015 you can't missing JapFest. Again with a jam-packed circuit program and fully renovated! In the morning Time Attack with the finals around 13 hours, alternating with Drift shows. From 14:00 to 18:00 hours is the time for drag races on the 1/4 Mile track for the main stand. A renewed Show &Shine on the paddocks and of course ample room for the many showcars! Evo's, Impreza's, Supra's, everything will be present to another unforgettable day out of it.

We would like to know if there is interest here with the club on the show paddock. Why should we not be there? We are a Japanese, only we are not so large. Would you like to here, with your beloved little car, together as a club?

Like to send a message to info (at) if you have interest in here.

Other information can be found on the website

Dear members,

Get some pictures from the photo shoot for the magazine Autobild Klassik.

Impression Photo Shoot Makkum

Hopefully the photo shoot very successful if the photos in the article from Autobild Klassik.

With best regards,

Newsletter, February 2015.

Not in the planning but TOO FUN to remember..
We are all of a sudden at all in the picture!!
First Auto Bild Klassik from Germany and now the Classic Car Magazine from Netherlands and Belgium!
I'll keep you posted, but this was the plug-in, I have of course all excited responded..
Below is a portion of the mail:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
So I got the idea to approach you for a report in us magazine Classic Cars.
What I have in mind, is a report from 6 to 8 pages.
This will be a combination of a more general, historical description of the SC 100 GX and a more personal story about your cars (or either).
Assuming you want to grant your cooperation, of course!
Maybe you can tell me in brief what more on both cars. What are the differences between them (except for the color and the outside mirrors) and what the SC 100 GX for you so special.
I like to take (or a colleague of me) once an appointment for the photography of one or both cars. Of course, after March 1st, and as soon as there is no brine more on the road.

Annexed to this mail I have a parent article as an example.

For information: our magazine Classic Cars is made by the editors of car Review and appears once every two months. The first issue appeared in March 2014.
Classic Cars in Netherlands and Flanders is both sold and can be found at the famous sales chains. We try as much as possible substantive attention to classics and young timers from the various parts of the world and construction periods, of pre-war to ca. 1995.

If you have any questions, then I'm happy to answer it. I am looking forward to your response!

Best regards,

Igor Shifting Sands
Editor AutoReview/Classic Cars
P.o. box 31331
6503 CH Nijmegen
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I'll keep you posted!!

Ingrid Stroosnijder.

Dear members,

Many thanks you for your support.

Different SC-owners have offered to their car by mail to the photo-shoot to work for Autobild Klassik. They are with Rommy and Jan Schilstra from Makkum agreed to have their car use. A big thanks to all the others.
Nice to see that so many club members were willing to help, therefore would like to want to offer a small reward to Autobild Klassik: If there are members who want to be present at the shoot with their SC 100, the photographer a nice collective picture of all the cars and owners that are present.

We want to meet in Makkum on March 14 at 1 p.m. for the club picture.

I hope that several club members there may be present.

Mail me here if they want to be present at the photo-shoot.

With best regards,

Dear members, just a note pinned by a colleague ...

Who find this fun and wants to respond to it??
Like a response on that side!

PS. Please let me also know.


Ingrid Stroosnijder
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My name is Till Schauen.
I'm a writer for the German classic car magazine Autobild Klassik We would like to do a feature on the Suzuki SC 100. For that we will need photos of a representative car. Could you perhaps get me in touch with a owner of a nice SC 100?

Thank you, best regards,

Till Schauen

+496352 754941
+49151 1662 2915
schauen (at)
Neumayerstr. 20
D 67292 Kirchheimbolanden

Even in 2015 you can't missing JapFest. Again with a jam-packed circuit program and fully renovated! In the morning Time Attack with the finals around 13 hours, alternating with Drift shows. From 14:00 to 18:00 hours is the time for drag races on the 1/4 Mile track for the main stand. A renewed Show &Shine on the paddocks and of course ample room for the many showcars! Evo's, Impreza's, Supra's, everything will be present to another unforgettable day out of it.

We would like to know if there is interest here with the club on the show paddock. That means members (+ possibly one passenger) ? 4.50 per person discount on the entrance ticket and can park for free at the club on the show paddock. Instead of ? 27.0 ? 36.0-pay uses just-and you have the car at the club on the paddock.

Why should we not be there? We are a Japanese, only we are not so large. Would you like to here, with your beloved little car, together as a club?

Like to send a message to info (at) if you have interest in here.

Other information can be found on the website:, January 1, this will totally uptodate with all the proper information.