The Laverda Museum evolved from Cor Dees his private collection. Caught by the beautiful exhaust tone and the robust styling of this Italian design motorcycle, Cor has been collecting everything related to Laverda for years. This resulted in a collection not only comprising 80 motorcycles, but also photo and film material, brochures and other documentation related to the many successes in races such as Milano-Taranto, Giro d'Italia and the many Endurance races such as the 24 hours of Barcelona, Oss, the Bol d'Or, Monza etc…

Apart from that, the museum also comprises items from the agricultural division of the factory.

The private collection is situated at the Akervoorderlaan 10 in Lisse (hamlet de Engel) in the Netherlands. Since it's a private collection, the museum will be open to the public by appointment only.

1978 Vee Six

Laverda Museum
Akervoorderlaan 10
2161 DS Lisse