During the desmo-project more questions loomed up than answers were found.
There are questions of simple factfinding character and others of much greater magnitude.
I'm a very patient man and know my ways to trail.
But now on this place of my site, I take the opportunity to ask everybodies help*.
on the follwing issues:

Rudge 250 DDS
Rudge 250 DDS (David Downer Special) (1958) Who knows more? Pictures, documentation; drawings; type of desmo system ....???

Artificial Heart

On many websites there is only this information about the Ducati Design Contest (2004) and this fascinating object of the overall winner in the category "Non Bike" = ‘Artificial Heart’, by Steve Gummer, a small, strong, lightweight, highly tuned and perfectly engineered artificial organ built around Ducati’s desmodromic system, capable of exhilarating performance.
My questions: Does this thing function and are there any pics or drawings of the inner parts available?

Norton Desmo
Has John Surtees already found The Desmo-head for the restoration of the famous 350 cc works Norton?
He asked for help in Classic Bike no 220 (may 1998), but I never heard about it after then.
Did I possibly miss some publication(s)?
Does someone has his (e-mail)address or tel. nr.?

* Who can complete the list of ever produced desmo-systems?
* Who can locate the various "hard ware" mentioned in that list?
* When still alive please react
* Please acquaintances react for those who cannot react by themselves anymore.


Who knows more about:
* Karel Horak
* Gerhard Schönenberg

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*According to Bob Dylan's words: "Everybody must give something back for something they get"
Line from the song "Fourth Time Around" on the Album "Blonde on Blonde" (1967).