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In a nutshell (more text will follow)
Henk Cloosterman (1951) is my name and "Henry Desmo" (not surprisingly) my alias.
Used to be a medical librarian and information specialist, but retired from March 2011.
> 35 Years Ducati addicted
> 20 Years "professor" in Desmodromology
5 years (1985 - 1990) writing the Desmo-patentstudy with co-author Francisco Tijsse Klasen.
From this book are no more copies available, but capita selecta are published on this site under the button "Desmobook".
Capita Selecta "Desmodromie"
12 years (1990-2002) creating the major part of the "Desmodromic Alfabeth".
This means a collection of working models for every basic type of desmodromic valve gear.
These are derived from
Our own created classification in pictogramms:
Our own created classification in text:

See virtual museum part one
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See virtual museum part three and miscellaneous pics

Fall 2000 first presentation of my site on the internet.
Year 2006 Expansion and improvements of the content and the making of new plans, because the extra memory space available (50 MB) Click here to see the listing of the planned cycles of action

"To define or not to define Desmodromic Valve Gear (DVG) that's the question."

There were people frustrated for not finding any definition of DVG on my site:
Of course there are numerous definitions, but I always thought these are known to my site-visitors and that one pic tells you more than a thousand words.

OK.... I like this humouristic description:
A "Desmo" rides the cam both up and down--- no spring, no air, no lag.*
It's like if you hold your finger right NEXT to your nose. Now swivel your neck, back and forth... your finger gets knocked to the right, but you have to return it to your nose with your arm. You arm is the valve spring or compressed air drive....
Now put your finger IN your nose and swivel.... Voila! it comes right back. That's what the "desmo" does--- rides the top and bottom of the cam, thus is driven at all times with zero lag.
* Actually also in a DVG there is often a (small capacity) spring and some air and lag (H.C.)

"To give or not to give valve adjustment information, that's the question."
Answer: No: not on this site. Please buy a suitable workshop manual and/or go to places on the internet like: