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This is the list of references ("Bibliography") of desmoliterature after our desmobook from about 1990 till present time.
Progressively more articles will be added and some hyperlinked.
One problem here is (again) the available memory space.
Last update: Saturday 18.02.2006

N.b. Untill 1990 not very much was published on Ducati in general and desmodromics in specific. Most publications are from the last 15 years. In my list I will only mention the books and articles that contain content that helps me build the desmo website.
There are other places like : where one can find a listing of articles (about 450) and books (about 40) on Ducati (and desmo).
Search for "desmodromic" @ to find some very fine articles of Dalpiaz and Rivola.

Bibliography (new)

* Baker, Alan
Desmodromics In: The Classic Motorcycle; 1991, p. 16-19
* Blunsden, John
The power to win : The design, development and achievements of the Ford Cosworth DFV, DFX, DFL and DFY V8 racing engines.
First published 1983. Chapter on Desmodromic Valve Gear p. 52-p. 54 *Clarke, Massimo
Ducati Scrambler, Desmo E Mark 3, Vimodrome (Milano), Giorgio Nada Editore, maggio 1995
*Colombo, Marcello
Basta con le molle : Storia del desmo In: Moto Ciclismo d'epoca; Anno 7, numero 8-9 agosto/settembre 2001 [a.o. MV Agusta 125 cc desmo]
*Ducati2001 [Yearbook], 2001
*Foale, Tony
Design of Desmodromic Valve Gear to fit cylinder head of Velocette 500cc racing motor engine, 1994 [Foale Velocette desmo]
*Green, Steve
Pukekohe Park Life : from Bantams to Guzzis in: Classic Racer nr. 89 (May/June 2001) p. 8 (text) and p. 10 (picture) [Brian Thomas" Norton Manx 350]
*Leverkus, Ernst
Neander K 500 : Voller Ernst In: Motorrad Classic 1/91 Januar/Februar p. 13-18 and 2/91 Mar./Apr. p. 36-43 [Neander K 500]
*Ludvigsen, Karl
Classic Grand Prix Cars : The front-engined Formula 1 Era 1906 – 1960, Phoenix etc . Sutton Publishing Ltd., 2000 [a.o. Maserati 6 cil., Scarab, SEFAC, OSCA, BRM]
*Masetti, Marco
Ducati : A Motorbike, a Myth, a Museum, Florence; le Lettere, 1999
*Guizzardi, Gianluca
Motorbike Design : Tradizione ed innovazione nelle Moto Ducati / Guizzardi, Lombardi, Ferrari, Fiorilli, Torroni; Bologna Facoltà di ingegneria, 1995
*Norton Engine Developments : Some Interesting Design Activities on Racing Motor Cycle Power Units In: Automobile Engineer, July 1959 [Norton Desmo]
*Perelli, Carlo
L'uomo del desmo In: Moto Ciclismo d'epoca; Anno 3, numero 02 1997 [about Fabio Taglioni]
*Perelli, Carlo
Romantico replicante In: Motociclismo D'Epoca 11/2002. [about Arturo Serri]
*Perelli, Carlo
Rettifica! (45 Anni dopo) In: Motociclismo d'Epoca of february 2002. [Mondial supposed Desmo]
*Rauch, Siegfried
Richard Küchen : Deutsche Motorradkonstrukteure In: Motorrad Classic 2/91 März/April p. 36-43 [Küchen & Capriolo desmo]
*Töns, Wolf
Ducati : Pantah & Co 1978 -1996, Rösrath, Art Motor Verlag, 1995
*"In Moto" of October '93 [Del Biondo].
*"In Moto" of May '94 [Del Biondo].
*Moore, George
In: Automobile Quarterly, Vol. 30, nr.4 summer 1992 (Duesenberg Special) [Duesenberg]
*Schwarz, Waldemar
Königsweg : Königswellen-Boxer In: Motorrad 25/1997, Rubrik: Test & Technik [BMW Franz Pohn]
*Schwarz, Waldemar
Schattenboxer : Technik BMW R1 In: Motorrad 18/1999, Rubrik: Test & Technik [BMW R1]
*Sharpe, Norman
Straight from the island In: Motor Cycling, May 28, 1959 [Norton Desmo]
*Announcement that an article will be published in issue six (November/December) about the JAP desmo-phenomenon In: MOTORRAD Classic; issue 5, September/October 2002 [JAP desmo]
*Slancar, Martin
Puzzle für Fortgeschrittene : JAP-Prototyp mit Zwangssteuerung In: MOTORRAD Classic; issue 6, November/December 2002
*Slancar, Martin
Der Ventiltrieb eines JAP-Einbaumotors, 1999 [non published Private Document]
*Taglioni, Fabio
Storia e realta' del sistema desmodromico per il comando delle valvole dei motori a scoppio [Signed non published document handed over by Dottore T. himself to Franciso Tijsse Klasen (see also "Desmobook" button), summer 1990.]
*Walker, Mick
Morini; Transport Source Books, 1996 p. 38 [Morini desmo]
*White, Gordon Eliot
Offenhauser : The legendary racing engine and the men who built it. First published in 1996. This pb edition published in 2004 by Motorbooks Int.Desmo info. in Scarab chapter p. 120-124.
*Zacche, Stefano
Ottimizzazione della Distribuzione desmodromica per motore motociclistico : Tesi di laurea, Università degli studi di Bologna Facoltà di ingegneria Anno Academico 1988/89
De Vincentiis, Antonio
Disegni Assistito Dal Calcolatore I
Faurès Fustel de Coulanges, Sébastien
"Léon Michelat and the Poincarian Delages" In: Les Amis De Delage L'automobible, Bulletin Juin 2008 [Text in English]
Desmoparagraph on p. 12-13 "The real fatherhood of the desmodromic distribution of the Delage S"
Maître, Sébastien
La distribution desmodromique d'un moteur à explosion. "Rapport d'histoire des techniques" UTBM, Printemps 2005
Ludvigsen, Karl
A-cams and Z-drives. Especially compiled article (summer 2008) with all the desmo-facts from his prize-winning book, Mercedes-Benz Sports and Racing Cars.
Berto, Andrea e Celeghin Linda
Simulazione dei sistemi di distibuzione desmodromico e a molla; A.A> 2006/07