Over the years I carried on a livingly correspondence with many well-known and lesser known personalities, firms and institutions.
In the first years of the desmo-project my friend Francisco Tijsse Klasen also took part in this time consuming (pre E-mail period) activity*.

List of various corresponce:
Nb This list covers 1982-1992. It will grow till completion within some time from now (03.09.2006).
Some names are hyperlinked to the .jpg format scan of the matching letter.

The British Library Science Reference & Information Service (1987)
Università Degli Studi Di Bologna : Facolta di Ingegneria (1986)

Motorcycle and Car industry incl. employees:
Cagiva, Claudio Castiglioni (1991)
Daimler-Benz Aktiengesellschaft (1983)
Daimler-Benz AG Archiv-Geschichte-Museum (1986)
Taglioni, Fabio (1988)
Bordi, Massimo (1987)
FIAT Centro Storico (1987)
General Motors Patent Section (1986)
HONDA Motor Co., LTD (1987)

JAKO Motorradtechnik (1985)
Länge, Hans Peter (Moto Spezial / Moto Guzzi) (1987)
Pscholka Motorrad Technik (1986)

Private Personalitites:
Griffith Borgeson     Wikipedia: (December 21, 1918 - June 29, 1997) was an influential American race car historian, described by the Society of Automotive Engineers as one of the world's preeminent automotive historians.
Bothwell, Peter William (1987)
Cathcart, Alan (1987)
Hütten, Helmut [(1987)
Ducati, Bruno (1992)
Horak, Karel (19..)
Maserati, Carlo (1987)
Maserati Letter
Pohn, Franz (1987)
Franz Pohn p.1
Franz Pohn p.2
Prato, Bruno de (1987)
Tonti, Lino (1987)
Sasse, Thomas (1985-1987)

Printing houses:
Dalton Watson LTD
Derwent Publications (1988)
George Philip - Osprey (1991)
Giorgio NADA Editore (1989)
Motorbuch Verlag (1989)
Osprey Publishing (George Philip & Son LTD) (1986)

Ducati Club München (Munich) (1985)
Velocette Owners Club UK (1986)
Veteraan Motoren Club NL (Wim Marijnis) (1986)

Eickman, Karl (1986)
Putz, Elmar (1986/1987)
Williams, John K. (1986)

Markt für klassische Automobile und Motorräder (1988)
MOTOR (KNMV) (1987)
Motorrad (Redaktion) [Ralph Söhner; Wolfgang Schnepf)(1986)
MO (Motorrad Magazine) (1986)
Motor Klassik (Verein. Motor Verlage) (1987)
Motorcycle Sport (1987)
Radmarkt (Redaction) (1986)
Sport Auto (Redaktion) (1986)

*Some correspondence was done (on our demand) by Claudio Ghisoni an Italian friend.